Stress Warrior Online Course (Live Sessions)

Stress Warrior Online Course (Live Sessions)

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Stress Warrior Course
Recover from Stress, Heal Leaky Gut and Optimize Adrenal Function

In this series of LIVE online group sessions, Dr. Doni will guide you to know how stress has affected your health and the steps to recover. Whether you think you may have adrenal fatigue or adrenal distress, leaky gut or digestive issues... or if you know that you have an MTHFR gene SNP, fatigue, anxiety, or sleep issues... or you simply want to learn how to help your body recover from stress... this course is for you. 


This course is for anyone who has symptoms associated with stress exposure. This includes fatigue, insomnia, recurrent infections, digestive issues, rashes, autoimmunity, fertility issues, brain fog, anxiety, depression, pain, headaches, PMS, and/or weight gain. If you think you may have leaky gut and/or adrenal fatigue and perhaps also blood sugar and hormone imbalances, this course if for you. It is also for any one who know they have an MTHFR gene SNP or suspect they may have it and what to know how to address it.


MTHF is a gene that affects the methylation cycle in the body. When we say someone “has MTHFR”, we mean they have a genetic variation of the MTHFR gene, which can cause many health issues. Some women with MTHFR have miscarriages or find it difficult to get pregnant. Other patients (both men and woman) may suffer from chronic pain syndrome/fibromyalgia, anxiety, insomnia or depression. Left unaddressed, having an MTHFR genetic variation can also put you at greater risk for developing serious conditions like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes or cancer.


This is a brand new 6-part LIVE online course (webinar series) with Dr. Doni, where you will learn how stress affects us, how it causes leaky gut and adrenal distress, how to find out if you have leaky gut and adrenal distress, and how to heal your digestion and adrenals, while balancing hormones, neurotransmitters and your immune system. You'll learn what MTHFR is, how it affects your health, how to understand genetic health reports and other health panels related to MTHFR, and how to attain optimal methylation and reclaim your health – naturally. And, because it is a LIVE course and not pre-recorded, you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly from Dr. Doni.

NOTE: Class size is limited to ensure integrity and to enable participants to ask questions.

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There are 6 live sessions, each 60 minutes in length, spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart. The classes are delivered online, which means you can attend from anywhere in the world. You will also have access to the video recordings, so you can watch/listen to the class again whenever you wish, or catch up on any classes you may have missed.


Over the 6 sessions you will learn:

1.     Effects of Stress. Fundamentals and science behind stress and HPA axis; how to order the health panels we will be discussing throughout the course.

2.     Gut health. How leaky gut, bacteria, food sensitivities, diet, imbalanced bacteria affect methylation; how to understand your results; how to get rid of blocks to methylation.

3.     Adrenal health. Why adrenal health is important to methylation; what your adrenal results could mean; how adrenal and oxidative stress can block methylation; how to get rid of the inhibitors to methylation.

4.    Blood work. How to understand your thyroid levels, nutrients and homocysteine. What high and low homocysteine levels mean; symptoms of abnormal homocysteine levels; knowing what does to take; addressing hormones and methylation at your individual level. 

5.     MTHFR and Genetic health. Examining your genetic health report; how to check if you have high sulfur or nitric oxide; how other genes interplay with MTHFR; understanding the “downstream pathways” of methylation; when you should and should NOT take folate.

6.     Summary. Maintenance and Stress Resilience, where to go from here; how to monitor your health over time; Q&A.

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This course is not intended to replace any medical treatment or support you may already be receiving. Rather, it will help you understand your condition more deeply, and learn how to take a pro-active approach to getting better. This course also offers an economical alternative for those who cannot afford to work one-on-one with a naturopathic doctor.


This 6-part live course costs $497. This gives you access to the live classes and video recordings, as well as to a special Facebook support group. You will also have free access to a pre-recorded introductory video seminar taught by Dr. Doni called “MTHFR and Genetics” (normally $47) and Dr. Doni's Stress Remedy Leaky Gut Healing guide, meal plan, and email tips (value $97). 

Because this is the first time Dr. Doni is offering this course, it is a RARE opportunity to work directly with her. 

AND now, WHEN YOU PAY IN FULL, you'll receive a special BONUS: a 30-minute one-on-one session with Dr. Doni. That means you'll get to meet with her by phone to discuss your health goals in order to help you get the most out of the course. (value $450)

The last chance to sign up for the course is Sunday, July 8th at midnight! And space is limited.

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The costs of the panels are NOT included, as some people may have already done them.

While getting these health panels done is not mandatory, doing so can help you get the most out of the information Dr. Doni will be teaching you. If you wish to order the tests, you can choose them as optional “add-ons” when you purchase the course, or even after the course has begun. These include:

Cortisol with neurotransmitters


Food sensitivities


Organic Acids


Genetic profile report*


* NOTE: Before Dr. Doni can run a genetic health profile for you, you will need a DNA profile from 23AndMe. The results from other sites like Ancestry are not compatible with our profiling software. You can order a DNA kit directly though them at

To reserve your spot in the class, be sure to sign up now. The last day to sign up is July 8th and the Stress Warrior Course starts July 10th. The course will not be available again until the fall of 2018.

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